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There’s More To VR Than Games

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When a person talks about VR, many people’s minds race to video games. Sony has recently announced their latest PlayStation VR headset. The VR is more than games, since it can be used to do several tasks.


Education has benefited greatly from VR. Students are able to experience what it feels like when they are in a certain field. An example is the World of Comenius, a learning experience which enables students to learn more about anatomy and also dig deep into the other body parts of a human being.

There is great news for painters as 3D painting is becoming a reality. Oculus is developing a software that will give painters the ability to produce digital paintings. HTC has also developed a 3D painting application which will be available with the HTC VR headset.


Studies show that VR may be able to tackle health problems such as depression and stress disorders. Developers are also looking for a possibility of VR being able to improve crucial medical procedures.

VR may also be used to help passengers with long flight fatigue so that people can be relaxed when flying long distances. They will be able to be taken to a different environment that’s far from being on a plane. XL Airways, a French airline, is planning on trying this out. The technology may be common one day. Skylights is one of the companies that’s providing the VR flight technology.


Sports is another sector where virtual reality has been introduced to help athletes train among other uses. And contractors, designers, architects and other professionals will be able to use VR to view how a project is being done from the starting point up to the end by virtually viewing a location.

These are just some of the many industries that VR could potentially take by storm. So, VR is clearly not just for gaming.

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