TheWave: New VR App Lets DJs Drop the Beat in Virtual Reality

TheWave: The Newest VR App Especially Made for DJs


There are all sorts of virtual reality apps being created. Now there’s a new app for DJs called TheWave, which allows disc jockeys to play the record and hype up the club with virtual reality.

What Is TheWave?

Virtual reality has invaded a lot of industries more than just gaming. It makes a good storytelling medium and offers the best way to live-stream big events as if you were there sitting on the benches as they happen. And now it has come to help DJs liven up every party by giving the audience a show they will never forget.

The product of the collaboration between Austin-based VR experts and DJ Grimecraft, TheWave is the newest app for DJs that enables the users to mix music within virtual reality, giving them the freedom to do anything when it comes to deejaying—and do it the more advanced way.

New VR app TheWave for DJs

The main purpose of TheWave is to let DJs mix sounds in virtual reality. First, they load their tracks onto a particular platform. Then through an immersive 3D interface, they can mix the music in real time. Another important feature of TheWave is that it allows these disc jockeys to start a live-streaming of their shows for fans around the world to see. Listeners can use the same app too, and it allows them to jump from one virtual venue to another, should they wish to listen to different DJs.




Basically, TheWave is introducing new ways to deejaying. And its maker, Grimecraft, hopes that this new app will help a lot of people experience music the new and more exciting way.

Grimecraft says of the app:

“Forget everything you know about live music. Now imagine a new way of creating and performing music using VR. Imagine it’s so easy that anyone, regardless of skill, can be a virtual reality artist. What if you could perform live in a virtual venue that is listening to each note you play, and reacting visually for you and the audience?

“What would a bass drum feel like? What would it look like? And what happens when the bass drops . . .”

Watch the video below



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