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ThingLink Launches 360/VR Editor to Embed Multimedia Content in Panoramic Virtual Reality Images

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New Virtual Reality Editing Suite is being packaged for professional users with special offer for educators following introduction of ThingLink VR lessons.


Interactive media platform ThingLink ( recently announced the release of its new 360/VR multimedia editor which allows users to illustrate 360 images and 360 videos and view them in virtual reality. During the Mobile Journalism Conference in Dublin, Thinglink will be announcing its new 360 image editor.

ThingLink’s 360/VR image editor allows users to annotate 360 panoramic images with text, image, and audio annotations as well as web embeds for mobile view. Audio and video annotations play as the viewer aligns a pointer with an icon that is displayed in the picture. The tool is perfect for online publishers, journalists, marketers, sales agents, educators, and others who want to add quality content to virtual tours, news, sporting events, retail experiences, educational programs, or any application where annotated content can enhance the virtual reality experience.


Users also have the power to make an enormous navigation experience by syncing several 360 images or videos together. This allows them to create truly immersive experiences, making viewers feel as though they are moving from one space to another. The new 360/VR editor also has a new automatic icon creation feature that makes the story creation even quicker.


“Virtual reality is rapidly gaining popularity in online publishing, education, and marketing, and ThingLink’s 360/VR Editor is a powerful, cost-effective way to enhance any mobile VR experience,” said Ulla Engestrom, founder and CEO of ThingLink. “Our editor makes it possible to add in-depth information to a virtual documentary, enhance a tour of a property for sale, explain strategies in virtual games, expand VR lessons for use in the classroom, and do so much more.

It has also has installed a built-in engagement tracking and statistics that can help content creators refine their VR experience and provide metrics for future VR applications.”


The new VR/360 editor will be included as part of ThingLink’s new Premium business package ($1,500/year), which provides online publishers with a multimedia tagging platform that supports customized text, audio, video, and more, complete with engagement analytics. Advertisers and marketing creative teams who would like to integrate customized call-to-action options such as eCommerce experiences in the mobile VR view also can work directly with ThingLink’s New York-based VIP services team.

There is a special version of the new 360/VR editor for schools that is being thrown in with the recently launched ThingLink VR Lessons, a collection of high-quality, interactive, 360° image and video journeys that range a variety of topics which include science, language, and arts. The 360/VR is included with the Premium school subscription package and the price starts at $500 each year for each school.

To get a promo code for reviewing VR editor or VR Lessons, please contact:


About ThingLink

ThingLink was founded in 2010. The company is an interactive media platform that empowers online publishers to create more engaging content by adding rich media links to photos, videos and virtual reality. They have over 3 million content creators and have become the most popular cross-platform solution and creative community for interactive images and videos.

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