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Top 4 VR Games You Should Totally Play

Of late, the virtual reality gaming world has witnessed a lift, more than ever since the Oculus’ Rift introductory price was made public. As a result, a plethora of new games are now working on their compatibility with Virtual Reality gadgets including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and of course PlayStation VR. And it’s pretty cool that some of your favorite games could soon be on VR.

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Must-Try VR Games to Include in Game List

Flight simulations are especially cool and we wonder how completely blown away people would be if they were to make a VR game about fighter pilots. Right at the moment, here’s a list of some of the coolest virtual reality games released so far:

Arizona Sunshine

arizona sunshine

Ah, yes, the pervasive….more like clichéd gameplay – Zombie shooting! However, for now think Arizona Sunshine is the boss of all VR zombie games and you’ll see why when you put on that headset. Arizona Sunshine is surreal, dreamlike, almost as if you could smell the reeking flesh of the zombie flock. This game uses the HTC Vive’s motion controllers promising to be fast-moving and graphically exciting. Shoot, or get bitten? The choice is yours!



Let’s be realistic; ADR1FT was totally made for virtual reality. The YouTube recordings you see uploaded all over the place are not a fair deal of the actual Virtual Reality gameplay. If you’ve played a great deal of terrifying, mind-boggling games and you know, truly what horror looks and feels like, Adrift may still scare you! You’re lost in space, drifting around with no memory of what the hell happened to you and no thought how you’re going to get yourself out of this chaos. What’s more, the most terrifying part? When your oxygen begins to run out, in open space…well, you can imagine.



This is a cool flight simulation game. Although it’s not planes you’d be piloting (which would be awesome) in this game you’d be piloting huge fighter machines, much like robots with you in it. Think, Hulkbuster or the kinda stuff you saw in Cameron’s Avatar movie. Rigs is a Mechanized Combat League, a Project Morpheus FPS making a beeline for the PS4, where you control ‘Rigs’: Manned, extremely tuned, athletic machines that battle in a futuristic, firearm sports with plasma guns, lasers, missiles in the assortment of weapons used. This is one VR game that a lot of trigger happy dudes out there would wanna play.



Speaking of combat piloting and dogfights, this game is really cool except it is set in in space. What began as an awesome tech demo for the designers of Eve: Online has quickly transformed into a full venture that is completely centered on squad-based dogfighting in space.

Despite the fact that this game is far more limited than Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen, it guarantees to be an excellent multiplayer experience, with a Call of Duty-style rank movement that permits you to unveil more ships, weapons and gear as your performance improves.

That emphasis on battle permits the game to be a great deal a lot less practical but rather more primeval than other rival games – and possibly considerably more fun.

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