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Uncharted 4 Is Even Better in Virtual Reality

Despite being released not too long ago, the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has found its way to the top and it’s now among one of the best-looking games that’s in existence. Forums and social media are now being flooded with its outstanding qualities like how the character models looks original and how much work has been done with respect to its large environments ranging from the textures to the effects. Being a Naughty Dog game, these reviews are however as expected!

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Photogrammetry method was used to transform what was intended to be viewed and enjoyed on a 2D panel into a complete submerged environment. Too much of work was not required and it ensured users had relevant instructions on how to achieve the same results by providing a video with full demonstration. This was achieved by an individual that’s frequent on YouTube with the username “Let’s Read About It” who figured out that with the stellar visual quality of Uncharted 4, it would be an accurate tool to boast about virtual reality.

Very few number of AAA-quality games provides support, this is as a result of the small install base of the virtual reality which is a generation one technology. However, due to the availability of some software, many consumers who have derived satisfaction from the use of both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift CV1, many others are still left with unfulfilled desires.

A kind of game that would work wonders for virtual-reality portfolio is the Uncharted 4. It is one of the titles that is well-received in history and also, it is a beautiful work of art. Though, photogrammetry is the best that it has gotten since its invention, it is, however, possible for it to support PlayStation VR in the nearest future. 

Uncharted 4 is the kind of game that would do so well for the virtual-reality portfolio. Not only is it an exquisite piece of art, but it’s also one of the well-received titles in recent times. Sometime in the future, we might see it support PlayStation VR, but for now, this photogrammetry is the best we’re going to get.


Ansel, being a software that has the capability of taking, not only highly customized screenshots but also those that will be visible in virtual reality was announced by Nvidia not quite long ago. The moment this software is launched, such experiences mentioned above will become more readily available.

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