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Understanding Immersion In The Context Of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Immersion

The term used in virtual reality circles to refer to the total engagement of the human senses so much that one cannot differentiate between the virtual and real world is called immersion. To put this in a different way, you become consumed with this artificial world. You feel as though your whole being is there. You’re immersed.

Going a bit deeper into this world requires the use of replicas. The correspondence between you and the replicas is called Telepresence. Jonathan Steuer, a well known computer scientist, made sure that you would forget reality, your present self and your circumstances as he ushers you into a world of utopia.

Jonathan Steuer broke down immersion into two bits. The first is the depth of information that takes place each time the user works with the system and messages are exchanged. This could include the quality of the audio and the video as well as the clarity of the graphics. The second is the breadth of information. The creator defines the breadth of information as the sum of the human sensory faculties that are mirrored in the system. As one is operating the unit, one should be able to understand his new virtual self. Sound and moving pictures are the building blocks. They rank at the top because they are the gateway to all the other receptors. Touch is gaining headway, because it is the easiest way to trigger a person. If a setup can allow a user touch engagement, then it is called a Baptic System.

Customers need to be able to look into the make believe world and for customers to truly enjoy virtual reality, they need to be immersed in the virtual environment.

Given the limits of human sight and vision, angles need to change simultaneously as one moves around. To further stress this point, the renowned VR maestro Dr. Frederick Brooks stresses that a remarkable encounter requires 20-30 frames per second.



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