The Unexpected Explosion in Virtual Reality is Bewildering the Industry

The Unexpected Explosion in Virtual Reality is Bewildering the Industry

Are you still thinking that virtual reality is just a fad? You should rethink — over a million people used the technology last month. Unbelievable? Yes, it is real and it will soon become part of your reality too.

The announcement by Facebook-owned Oculus, creator of the Oculus Rift, revealed that more than a million people used Samsung’s Gear VR headset in the month of April. Oculus builds the software for the Samsung Gear VR. It was a stun progression for virtual reality in the technology industry.

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In one of the Oculus blog post, it was revealed that developers created more than 250 apps for the Gear VR. Of course, that is a small amount compared to the millions of apps available for the iPhone and devices running on the Android operating system. But it is the good way to begin.

What this portends is that VR platforms are expanding at a rapid pace, creating numerous opportunities for developers to be more innovative and inventive. One million users might not be much in broad senses, but it’s only been six months since the Gear VR introduced, and the technology is seen to be gaining momentum at a rapid progression even in a market where most people are wary about the new technology.

Based on reports from various sources, as it is, vendors will ship more than 6 million virtual reality headsets in 2016 around the world, and the number of headsets could grow to nearly 100 million units by 2020, projecting it as a market worth many billions of dollars — which makes it clear why the big names such as Google and Facebook are putting so much stake in the game.

“In addition to the exciting range of games available, VR video continues to be one of the most popular experiences on Gear VR,” the company said in the statement. “Seven of the top 10 most used apps are videos and, on any given day, nearly 80% of people who use Gear VR watch video content”.

“With more intuitive content navigation, new ways to explore your photo memories, and exciting new content being developed every day, the VR ecosystem has never been more promising!” the statement continued. “We can’t wait to bring mobile VR to the next million.”

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As it turns out, the Gear VR is becoming an assemblage of apps for the Rift. Over 20 of the games originally designed for the Gear are also compatible with the Rift. With this, virtual reality specialist Oculus, is trying to amaze consumers by adding more entertainment and educational options to the Samsung Gear headset.

Thus, if you are still seeing virtual reality as a fad, you will need to think again.

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