Here's What You Need to Know About United Kingdom's First VR Entertainment Center

United Kingdom’s First VR Entertainment Center Set to Open

United Kingdom's First VR Entertainment Center

The county town of Lincolnshire, England, Lincoln, is set to make history. Coming to the cathedral city is United Kingdom’s first VR entertainment center.

Fun seekers, video gamers, and convergent thinkers will soon enjoy entertainment taken to another height in Lincoln. The first virtual reality center in the United Kingdom and exit game adventure simulator is set to open in less than a few months’ time.

United Kingdom’s First VR Entertainment Center

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Virtual Reality

Built from an investment of 248,500 US dollars, United Kingdom’s first VR entertainment center would be opened in less than two months. The virtual reality center would be located in a renovated church on Croft Street. The two floors of the church would play host to two different variants of entertainment.

On the ground floor where Tension Exit Games would be located, groups of two to eight people can tap into their capability of solving puzzles in a make-believe context.

It will be a blend of a detective scenario with actors lending a hand in giving it a really mesmerizing experience.

On the top floor, Tension VR would let partakers enjoy a new kind of reality using the brand-new HTC Vive virtual reality headset. This would be the first of its kind in the United Kingdom.

Fun seekers will be able to experience what they like in a variety of scenarios ranging from space travel to playing video games. There are four rooms where anyone can experience a virtual reality.



VR Experience

Job creation is also another fantastic benefit of this venture. The venture created by Simon Adderley, managing director of Tension Group, would create about 20 jobs.

Sending a private message via Tension Group’s Facebook page could earn interested parties the opportunity of reserving the first slots.

A visit to their Facebook page revealed the following post by Tension VR:

First session £25.00, then £15.00 after that . . . no age restrictions as such, but we will advise you as all VR experiences are very realistic and some can be terrifying . . . they may not be suitable for younger participants. If you would like to be on the priority booking list, message us off the page, please then we will invite you as soon as we have a launch date.

Simon added, “We have chosen Lincoln to launch because we can see it is an exciting and dynamic city. Being born in Lincolnshire, we wanted to bring experiences to the East Midlands that are normally reserved for the people in the south.

“We have been impressed by the development of Lincoln as a tourist destination and the way that Lincoln’s history is now an important part of its future.

“We fully intend to enhance the visitor experience with Tension Exit Games and Tension VR—the past, present, and the future all working to create amazing experiences in Lincoln.”

VR Entertainment Center

Lincoln indigenes were happy and delighted to hear the news about United Kingdom’s first entertainment center. Some commended the council while a very minute few were worried about hygiene issues. They had concerns about wearing headsets recently worn by a stranger. A lot of them couldn’t wait to tag their friends and reveal the good news to them.

The ending of June can’t come soon enough for residents of Lincoln.

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