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United Nations Frustrating Israelis with New Virtual Reality Experience

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The United Nations is still demonizing Israel through a new film that distorts the facts of the Gaza war that occurred in 2014.


Hillel Neuer, the Executive Director of UN Watch recently reacted to a UN initiative that featured 3 virtual reality films which showed the stories of a Liberian woman trying to help people recover from the Ebola virus, a Palestinian mom whose 2 sons were both killed during Operation Protective Edge, a young refugee from Syria and the war that Israel started against Hamas during the summer of 2014 in Gaza.

The UN said that the point of the films was to give exposure to these issues in the hopes of raise money.

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The film showing the Palestinian is called “My Mother’s Wings” and it blames Israel for the death of her 2 sons, who died while a UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) school was being shelled with rockets.

However, as Neuer noted, during the war, Hamas terrorists utilized UNRWA schools as well as additional civilian locations as bases that they could launch rockets from with the hopes of hitting people in Israel.

The documentary is 8 minutes and Neuer thinks that it didn’t properly show the other side of the story, especially how Palestinian terrorists used civilians as human shields as well as how they attached Israel which started and propelled the war.

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Neuer said, “Sadly, through distorted portrayals like these, the UN has itself become a form of virtual reality. In the real world, Hamas targets Israeli civilians with deadly rockets, firing them from densely populated areas to maximize civilian casualties, as part of its military strategy to demonize Israel in the eyes of international opinion, and thereby to weaken Israel’s capability for self-defense. In the UN’s virtual reality, however, Israel is condemned, even though it is Hamas which — by law, logic, and morality — bears the full responsibility for any and all civilian casualties that ensue from the cynical manipulation of their own people.”


The only time Hamas was mentioned was in the credits at the beginning of the film which simply said, “Though self-governed by Hamas, Israel maintains control over Gaza’s territorial waters, airspace and 6 of 7 border crossings.”

Any inkling that Hamas is a terrorist organization is not noted in the film whatsoever. Also, the mother that’s featured in the film calls Israel, “the occupation”, which to a lot of people, is considered inflammatory language.

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Neuer said that the, “UN’s claimed advocacy for the Palestinians is more often than not a contrivance for scapegoating Israel. It hasn’t done a stitch to help the Palestinians, but what demonizing the Jewish state has achieved is a contemporary confirmation for many of a very particular and age-old hatred by which they interpret world events.”

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