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Unity Technology Releases New Version

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Unity Technology recently released the latest version of their platform for developers. This is version 5.4.

The platform is said to have better performance, updated graphics and a huge upgrade in regards to rending VR content.

5.0 versus 5.4

Alex Lian of Unity Technology, said, “We listened to what you had to say about the quality of final releases, so in order to get more feedback on real life use before we push anything to final, we’ve decided to release Unity 5.4 as a beta.”

Developers can use this to easily deploy their creations across major VR platforms.

This news of an upgrade came shortly after Unity announced that they’re including support for Nvidia’s VRWorks. VRWorks is a software development kit created for VR developers.


Here are some of the major VR creations to come out of Unity already: Hover Junkers, MiniGolf VR and Job Simulator.


Watch the video below




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