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University Gets Million Dollar Ship Simulator

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At Texas A&M Galveston, there’s a new teaching tool that makes some people feel a bit sick. The university has a simulator that costs a million dollars. It’s pretty darn cool though.

BC Tug Boat

The simulator makes it feel as though you’re swaying and rocking in the ocean. However, Texas A&M Galveston’s ship simulator is really a stationary platform that doesn’t move. Scott Putt, whose a professor at the university, said, “Probably the most important part of this program is the fact that 90 percent of all cargo moves by water.”


In order to move large commercial vessels throughout the ocean and into port takes a lots of different skills. The students are able to learn by experience through the simulator. Putty said, “It allows them to really think through all the ramifications of a specific decision.”

SF Gate

William McGraw is a student that’s in the program as he attempts to earn his Third Mates maritime license. That license will enable William, a Junior, to work as an officer that’s on a commercial ship.

McGraw said, “If they have a tanker with 250 thousand barrels of oil on there, that is a huge catastrophe that clogs up the shipping industry for the southern U.S.”.

Off Shore

The simulator enables students to see from a first hand perspective what it’s like to be at some of the biggest ports throughout the world. They’re able to experience navigating 25 different ship models that are in 40 different ports.

McGraw added, “You just have to make sure you are using this to your advantage, but not too much. You got to keep looking out the window,” McGraw.

BC Tug Boat

The Ed Rachal Foundation of Corpus Christi had a part in funding the million dollar simulator.

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