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University of Kansas Virtual Reality Sports Tours

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Over 20,000 people have experienced Kansas Athletic’s facilities digitally just over the past 8 months. They have done this with Jayhawks 360, an immersive tour.


University of Kansas and Circlespaces partnered to upgrade the over 75 spin 360-degree panoramic photo tour that enables usage with VR headsets with a Google Cardboard type of interface.

People are able to visit the practice and training facilities and competition of Kansas Jayhawk teams. They do this in an enhanced view on their mobile devices. They’re also able to look through panoramas through a first person view of the campus, community and student athlete support as well.

Allen Fieldhouse KU MU 02252012

The tour was released in September 2015 on and currently can be viewed on many devices including cell phones, tablets and PCs. The tour can evolve to be updated as things change.

Google Cardboard is just one of the several VR headsets that allow people to view VR by immersing into a virtual world. In other words, it allows people to be inside of something instead of looking from the outside.

The Jayhawks 360 VR experience is at the beginning of the virtual reality technology and it’s going to keep evolving and improving over time. Some people who use VR have been known to get motion sickness. The tour is made to show a solo stationary position, so it’s not recommend that you step backwards or forwards or side to side as it doesn’t affect the position of the person inside of the tour or “experience”.

xg vr

Now, Jayhawks360 mobile users are told to select the sports tour that they want to go on and they have the ability to experience the spins whether or not they have a VR headset. Then, people are told to turn off the sleep mode as web browsers can timeout without any activity, also the user is told to turn the phone to landscape mode and to insert the device into the VR headset in order to view the VR tour. The user is able to change which scene he or she is in by simply looking down and then centering the Jayhawk icon on the next or back buttons for a few seconds until another screen loads.

Watch the video below



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