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University Using VR To Entice Potential Students

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The University of Hartford’s Barney School of Business (the Barney School) recently released a VR program with the hopes of bringing in students who were accepted in the class of 2020 to decide to go to University of Hartford in the Fall.

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VR Tour Shows Students Campus

This VR program immerses the students into everyday campus life through a website that’s completely customized with unique video and audio. It’s able to be experienced on a Google Cardboard VR headset.

 In order to create a higher level of engagement, they have created a social media campaign that enables students to share their experiences with the VR headset and online portal. University of Hartford’s Barney School hired Primacy, a digital agency, to create the VR campaign.

The experience is interactive and enables the students to tour the campus while being at home and also being able to see what it’s like to be a student at the school whether that means going to class, Starbucks or a sports facility.


Primacy filmed footage at University of Harford so that they could create the custom web app that shares a 360-degree view of student life as well as a Google Cardboard VR headset that’s specifically branded for the university.

How They View The VR Experience

Potential students can watch the experience on their phone or computer and a voice over on each scene speaks about what’s going on through each part of campus. 

The Barney School mailed 1,300 students who were accepted to the school the custom web app and VR headsets as well.


The campaign is set to go on through May 2nd as that’s the time students who were accepted will need to decide whether or not they want to go to University of Hartford’s Barney School of Business.

 The school is telling students that if they decide to enroll, they should post a selfie with their VR headset and tag it with the hashtag #BSBGoesVirtual. The students are then able to potentially win a gift card from Amazon.


The Dean’s Words

Marty Roth, the Dean and Professor of Management and Marketing at the Barney School, said, “The Barney School of Business is a unique and cutting-edge institution, and when looking to convert accepted students into matriculating students this year, we wanted to find a way to stand out from other universities and show, not just tell, accepted students what life is truly like on campus, both inside the classroom and out. To develop this innovative campaign, we looked no further than Primacy, who demonstrated their experience and leadership in the VR arena, most notably for higher education institutions. We’re thrilled with the results so far and can’t wait to welcome the class of 2020 onto our campus.”

Tech Crunch

Education and virtual reality have lots of synergy as to how VR can help teachers/professors teach their students. Clearly this is showing though, that there are even more applications for education with virtual reality.

Primacy has also developed a 360 degree experience on the Oculus Rift for high school students to experience the Regis University campus.

Melissa Tait, the Senior Vice President of Technology and Project Management at Primacy, said, “Virtual reality technology offers an opportunity for higher education institutions to achieve their goal to connect with potential students and leave a lasting impression.


This campaign in particular is very unique in that we developed a customized web-app to convey the Barney experience, so accepted students have faster and more user-friendly access to the content. We were also thrilled to develop a campaign in our own backyard and work with a local university to showcase the flavor of their campus to students both near and far.”

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