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Video of Girl Playing VR Zombie Game Goes Viral



Viral: VR Game Experience

A video called ‘The Brookhaven Experiment’ became viral this past week as two million people viewed it. This video showed a lady with a clunky piece of hardware on her face as she was screaming, panicking and trying to destroy zombies that were attacking her. You see, that clunky piece of hardware was the HTC Vive VR headset. And the zombies of course weren’t actually real.

brookhaven experience

Try telling that to her though.

You could see in the video that she was clearly terrified as her hands were even shaking.

This video may be one of the best videos yet to show how real virtual reality can feel to those experiencing it. The lady in the video is named Renate and she is part of a group who uploads videos showing themselves while they play VR games.

brookhaven scream

Even though there are a lot of technological terms, a simple way to look at virtual reality is that it’s just a screen attached to your face. Important note though…the screen will enable you to see many views, feel immersed in an experience and make the experience feel a lot more real. 

It’s difficult to explain virtual reality though.


The best way to understand it is to experience it. You can buy an expensive HTC Vive (or other headset) for up to $700 or more. Or, you can go on YouTube as they now have 360-degree videos that are able to be viewed online. However, the most immersive real virtual reality experience involves a VR headset.


Once you have a VR headset, you can download apps and get to it.

 Just do your best to remember that it’s only a game or VR experience and it’s not actually real. That may be hard to remember though. 

There was also a grandma who recently tried VR and footage of her experiencing it went viral. 

These types of videos will at least help show people who don’t understand VR, how powerful it really is. However, as noted earlier, the best way for people to really understand VR, is to try it themselves.

Watch the video below



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