A Videographer Tries to Make Ice Caves With Virtual Reality - VR Life

Virtually Visit Ice Caves?

Julius Horsthuis is a videographer who is known for videos that are very cinematic with long shots that move slowly.

He recently released his video, Fractals of Incidence. While creating the film, he experienced some challenges. Julius said, “In CG, there’s usually a difference between he shape of the object, and its texture. The shape is modeled in some software like digital clay, and then (after the object has been UV unwrapped) the texture is painted on.”

The ice cave renderings look very cool but Julius wants to take it to the next level.

Ice Cave SSS
Currently, Julius is working with an app development team to turn this ice cave a videographer into virtual reality. He said, “I’m considering rendering a VR version of the Ice Caves, although I’d have to think about where the hell I’m going to find enough render power to make that happen. VR is an extremely awesome way to experience fractals.”

Watch the video below



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