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VR Headset Users Actually Bumping Into Real World

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If you ever wear a virtual reality headset, chances are you’re going to have some red bumps on your head after.

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There was a Reddit Ask Me Anything talk recently with VR pioneers. Many of them talked about how they forget that they’re in a virtual world sometimes when playing.

 This is what can also cause a bruised bottom too… Imagine trying to sit on a couch that’s not really there. Yeah..

In the Reddit AMA, it was clear that many gamers have been having trouble navigating where VR stops and the real world starts.

Joachim Holmer is a co-founder of Neat Corporation. The company created the game called Budget Cuts. He thinks that if players look at a virtual hole in the ground, they could knock their head on the floor. He said, “It’s amazing that players forget there’s a floor. It’s the one thing that’ll always be there, regardless of room setup.”

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SculptrVR is a company that builds VR apps. He said that a player actually tried to “push their hand through the floor to sculpt something”.

VRUnicorns is a game development company that created #SelfieTennis. A developer from VRUnicorns said that a player put his face on the floor in an attempt to see through the virtual ground. He said, “It’s not a bug anymore, it’s a feature!”

selfie tennis
#SelfieTennis Selfie Stick

Virtual Setting vs. Real Life Setting

Of course another way to experience pain in virtual reality comes with the ceiling. Funktronic Labs’ Eddie Lee, said, “We have these lights hanging sort of low from the ceiling. We had a play tester who was quite tall; he was playing the valve balloon demo, and right when he hit the balloon in VR, the controller happened to hit the real life ceiling light. He commented, ‘Wow! The hap tics feel so real!”

It’s not just ordinary people playing VR that are having this issue. A developer at Wobbly Duck Studios, said, “I started forgetting which walls were virtual and which ones were real, and I ended up walking into a few very solid walls.”

Many people tend to not realize that what they’re seeing in virtual reality isn’t really in front of them, as much as it seems like it may be.

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A developer at Phaser Lock Interactive, said, “Testers and devs have both tried to place the physical hand controllers on the virtual desk and then taken the headset off only to have them fall to the floor or quickly catch themselves before releasing it.”

Oculus and HTC have warnings in their safety manuals for people to not stand or sit on virtual objects since they’re not really there in the real world.

 Most likely, this is an issue that’s going to keep happening though as most people that are using virtual reality are new to virtual reality.

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