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Virtual Reality Allows Customers To View UnFinished High Quality Houses

Virtual Reality Gear

Sandra Chartuoni is the Director of Sales at Jade Signature’s Sunny Isle center. Her work is to convince customers around the globe to invest a lot of cash in something that’s not on the market yet. Jade Signature’s floating hotels, which are about 6,300 to 6,500 cubic meters are sold for $14 million dollars, an amount which doesn’t leave anyone with extra cash and they won’t be ready until 2017. Chartuoni has a new technology device that she uses to market the unfinished houses.

That technology of course is virtual reality.

Virtual reality is the latest media used to showcase high-quality homes and real estate that haven’t been constructed yet. Companies have used products like the Samsung Gear VR And Oculus Rift that stands out from every obstacle to give their clients more details about the locations as well as helping them feel what the environment would be like inside.

When a person wears the headset over their heads, they are taken to view room by room and throughout the process, they’re given a feeling of how it will be once they purchase it. The Fortune International Group, the maker of Jade Signature will ship the hardware of the Samsung Gear VR headset along with Samsung s6 edge phones to serious potential buyers.

Virtual reality might be expensive, but also is good for reducing expenses for contractors who advertise their sample units which can sometimes cost up to $1 million.

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