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Virtual Reality – American Football’s Year

Virtual Reality football

Virtual reality is an amazing technology which can be embedded in almost every field. Let’s just talk about the application of VR in Football though. The technology is being used by an increasing number of American colleges and professional Football teams in the U.S. For the sake of gaining experience and improving skills, Football players are showing great interest in virtual reality set ups. Recently, a professional football team (England Patriots) placed an order of 10,000 Google Cardboard headsets. These devices are used to display an immersive experience to the user on their smartphones.

It’s also being used by Football fans.


If you are a fan of the Patriots and don’t have VR headsets, you can still view the 360-degree video of Patriots’ practice experience. This experience was recorded in 360-degree view for the fans through the STRIVR virtual reality platform. STRIVR allows players to immerse themselves in their past matches from the viewpoint of a particular field position. The Patriots, San Francisco Giants, Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings and Arizona Cardinals have recorded such an experience using STRIVR.

Stanford University was the place where STRIVR was generated. It was due to the meeting of Derek Belch and Jeremy Bailenson. They started work on enhancing the quality of reality. After two years of hard work, they were finally able to build a 360-degree experience for the players of Stanford University to study and practice for their future games.


Stanford Football organization released a 360-degree video on Facebook. It was not that awesome real VR experience, but it enabled the mobile and tablet users to look around by shifting their devices. Laptops and Desktop users can also see it just by using their touchpads or mouse.

Football isn’t the only sport being targeted by virtual reality training. Eon Sports VR, which is a product created by Eon Reality, is targeting sports like Hockey, Baseball, and Basketball as well. The objective focus of some VR training experiences is the immersion not the interaction of the user. But in some simulators, the user can interact, like batting in front of the most popular pitchers in Baseball for example.

Oculus rift VR football
USA Today

VR technology is also making deep roots in the journalism field, this can be shown by the New York Times VR journalism effort that distributed more than 1 million Google Cardboards to news subscribers. Over time, like all other technologies, these VR headsets will become more common and cheaper.


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