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Virtual Reality is Awesome

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Virtual reality has come. There has been news everywhere about the new headsets like the Oculus Rift, the Samsung VR, HTC Vive, and a host of others manufactured by every other tech company hoping to cash in on this trend. Steam, one of the biggest gaming platforms is also getting in on the action by promoting the HTC Vive on one of their pages. The technology is still quite expensive and even though the virtues of purchasing current gen VR products is still arguable, it is without doubt that the technology is so exciting. In a matter of time, we will start seeing more and more of these products and more content and hopefully the cost of acquiring them will fall.


What Makes Virtual Reality So Great?

One of the most interesting features of VR is that you have to get off your couch and move around a little. The HTC Vive for example, has a recommended space for navigation in its room scale set up. You can walk around, jump and crouch for a fully immersive experience.

All of these makes the technology a much more active endeavor.

There are also games where a specific type of motion is required to play. For instance, you might have to draw a bow to hit targets with an arrow or engage in specific types of movements to successfully navigate certain circumstances like moving across a ledge on a skyscraper, crawling etc.


Also there is the full spherical 360-degree view to virtual reality. While games with this view have been in existence for quite some time now, virtual reality incorporates the act of actually turning your head to add realism to the experience. Turning your head is definitely slower that a quick swipe of the mouse but that makes it all the more realistic.

You also have the rave about 360-degree videos. Whether it’s a documentary, a film or just a music video from YouTube, there is an increasing amount of spectacular 360-degree perspectives. In the near future, we will start to utilize this 360-degree concept more naturally and it will make sense. You also have 360-degree tours of places and destinations for those who can’t afford to physically take the trip or don’t have the time. With virtual reality, you can take a tour of virtually any place on earth and it will be as though you were present at the place.

Virtual reality offers an alternate reality which is fully immersive and interactive. This reality is different and it pushes the boundaries of what we are familiar with. This is the next big thing in terms of platform for content, be it videos, games, animation, art, tours and even education. The technology is still in constant development and it is still far from perfect but we can already see what it has to offer and how much more it can be. Several issues such as resolution, lag time, ease of use and perhaps most importantly affordability will surely be worked out in a matter of time. It is without doubt that virtual reality is going to usher in new waves in the technology market.

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