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Virtual Reality is Beneficial Right Now

Virtual reality is here and we have an exciting new technology on our hands. A lot of companies have forayed into this technological wonder with various products and services. Oculus, Sony and HTC are already making arrangements to release their own highly anticipated VR headsets by the end of the year. It is such an exciting prospect and the concept of a fully immersive digital world which you can share with people around you is going to be a massive hit for years to come.

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If you take a look around, you will observe that a lot of companies are already using VR to communicate, educate and share very special experiences. This new technological feat has already taken off in offices and industries but it is however not yet widespread for homes.

A Privileged View

The buzz around VR is mainly tied to its core concept. The idea that you can sit in a chair, strap on a headset and be transported to another world instantly in 360-degree footage. Very different experiences can be experienced right in the comfort of your char, you can be riding a camel through the desert or soaring over New York City or even be in your own personal movie without the hassle of searching for decent seats.

For industry and companies, VR can help them involve employees that are currently far away in important meetings and it will be as though they were actually there in person. It can also help bring customers thousands of miles away to factories and sessions where ideas are exchanged.



Visualizations in Manufacturing

In manufacturing, one of the biggest problems is the distance between parties involved in the process. You can have a client in one country and they are contemplating production in your factory but there are logistical issues surrounding their visit of your factory. You can have multiple factories to inspect and only one inspector and he cannot be at all these places at the same time neither is it advisable that he visits all the factories one by one. VR is going to eliminate these kinds of problems by collapsing the distance between people and bringing everyone to the same page.


Your potential client can now with the help of VR take a fully immersive guided tour of your factory floor from the comfort of wherever he is and ask questions and get answers right there. With portable 360-degree cameras, the inspectors can have a full view of the locations they want to inspect and they can send feedback accordingly. Technical experts can now diagnose issues that may arise and the people on ground can implement the fixes that are recommended.

This kind of thing isn’t possible with basic video conferencing because the nature of manufacturing is that it involves equipment that is too big to understand in a 2D presentation as it lacks scale. 360-degree videos on the other hand allows you to be there and you get a fully scalable view of exactly what is obtainable on site.

There are so many other beneficial uses of VR today and the list can go on and on.

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