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Virtual Reality Brings a New Dimension to Travel and Tourism

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Imagine a world where you can travel to visit places far away without leaving your living room. No cost of exploring new places all around the world and new destinations. It all sounds too far-fetched and like stuff from a futuristic movie but be rest assured that this reality is upon us. And no you won’t be teleporting anywhere, all you will need is a virtual reality headset. This kind of travel described is actually available now and it is soaring in the virtual reality market. Abi Mandelbaum, CEO of the VR app, YouVisit, said the technology holds the promise of transporting people to far away destinations and he also notes that true VR experiences go far beyond just watching videos.


“An actual VR experience not only requires a 360-degree immersive video … but also offers the opportunity for viewers to engage and connect with that content,” Mandelbaum said. “An experience’s interactivity is the key to true success, differentiating it from watching 2-D content. VR shouldn’t be viewed; it should be explored.”


What You Need To Be a Part of Virtual Reality

To get in on the action, consumers will need to own a virtual reality headset and gear to interact with the content and there are already a few companies manufacturing these gear for public use. Some typical examples are Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear, and the HTC Vive.


Although some of these headsets are still very expensive, there are also some relatively cheaper alternatives like the Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR and travel companies are working hard to create fully immersive and interactive content for consumers.


Another player in the travel and tourism industry, Marriott Hotels has also jumped in on the action as they now offer in-room virtual reality headsets to guests with travel content. His service is called VRoom Service and it was launched in 2015 after trials in New York and London.

Mathew Carroll, Vice President of Marriott hotels said the technology was imagined for a new generation of travelers. “Travel expands our minds and helps push our imagination,” said Carroll in a press release touting the launch of the service. “Our guests want to be in inventive spaces that help foster their creativity and thinking.”


Marriott also developed its VR Postcards which are virtual reality videos hosted on Samsung Milk VR for users residing at the Marriott hotels or at home. The first three videos in the Postcards app were shot in three different countries, Rwanda, Chile, and Beijing and it shows in detail how travel matters.

Virtual reality is the talk of the moment and its applications are very diverse. The applications for travel and tourism are very obvious and in due time with full adoption of the technology, the limits are boundless. If this virtual reality thing gets you curious in the last bit, you need to give it a try and experience this immersive and interactive reality with these apps from the comfort of your homes.

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