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With Virtual Reality You Can Now Put Your Kids In Their Bedtime Stories

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Telling your kids their bedtime stories can be a lot of fun on its own. And you can’t ever tell how the session will go or how engrossed they’ll be. Sometimes they listen to you so attentively you are sure they are one with the story and other times there are so many distractions that can range from noisy pillow fights to demands for bedtime snacks or the occasional visit to the bathroom. Virtual reality is being touted as a possible option to telling these stories and immersing the children fully in them.

No App Required

They won’t be needing an app for this as Samsung has other ideas having unveiled “the future of children’s bedtime” in the form of an app called Bedtime VR Stories that “combines the latest innovations in virtual reality with the power and importance of traditional storytelling”.

Parents Can Tell Stories From Afar

It is not Samsung’s intention that parents switch to virtual reality when they are spending night time with their children at bed, what they are actually designing is a virtual reality service that allows parents who are not at home perhaps on work or travel to tell bedtime stories to their kids at home from wherever they are. The technology will make use of the Gear VR headset and it is currently being tested with families in the UK.

“Parents will be able to tell their children a bedtime story like no other with both parent and child transported to far flung worlds and galaxies, interacting with dinosaurs, arctic animals and robots,” is how Samsung explains it.


“However, far apart they are, parents will be able to share that all-important bedtime story with their child, using VR technology to connect them in the same virtual world. The child will even hear their parent reciting the story and be able to interact with their parent as though they are in the same room.”

Samsung has already created the first story for virtual reality and it is called “The Most Wonderful Place to be”. There are a few obstacles in the way of this service which include the requirement of having two headsets, one for the parent and another for the child and the ongoing debate on the ethical issues surrounding the use of virtual reality headsets by children.

In 2014, a Samsung executive said in an interview with TrustedReviews that the Gear VR “is not recommended for use by children”, adding that this meant kids under the age of 13. While this does not apply to Google Cardboard specifically, parents may have similar concerns about its suitability.

Regardless of all the issues and obstacles impeding the development of this service, one thing is certain and that is the fact that bedtime stories will be experienced in a new way and parents who aren’t in the same location with their kids for one reason or the other can still share those precious moments with their kids.

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