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With Virtual Reality, You Can Select Your Moods

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Former NFL athlete Gerome Sapp spent some time working on a story about cannabis healing concussions and it is true that the footballer not only found healing powers in this plant but he also found a way to disseminate this information to the world. This he achieves with the help of the new virtual reality app called Dōs.


With this technology and app, anyone above 21 with a smartphone in his hands can simply select a mood and he will be instantly transported to a virtual reality world that will evoke that very feeling. According to Gerome, this app is not meant to mimic high but instead, it takes you on a reflective journey typical of any given strain of cannabis. This app is not meant to be seen but rather to be experienced.

Why This App Stands Out

One major advantage of this app is that unlike most other videos, the app uses 360-degree filing techniques to enable the user move the phone in different directions and still see everything that would be out of range in a typical screen.


This app is unique because there are no huge banner ads or annoying marketing pop ups. Gerome instead described it as a platform where content creators and companies, at a fee, can curate there video library of virtual experiences which will or can evoke the emotions that they want to associate with their own particular brand of cannabis.


For the Bellagio fountains show, Noble Farms is marketing their own Wifi OG strain and they describe what your expectations should be before you play: “Uplifting and Cerebral perfectly describes this amazing water show. Our new Wifi OG creates a similar mood.”


It’s Not All Fun and Games

The videos are not all fun and easy to watch as they have some pretty dark and disturbing videos on there too and it will take a lot of conviction to even watch some of these videos. There is a video of a woman who talks to herself asking self-reflecting questions before she takes her own life right before your eyes.

There ought to be some sort of warning of the graphic content of some of these videos so users who will eventually get immersed in the 3D environment be better prepared for what to expect.

“Being able to successfully create a new tech concept feels like I scored the first touchdown of a long game. There are still tons of things to execute and there still needs to be a little luck, but I feel I’m on the right track to winning this new ‘game’ being played in the awesome tech world,” said Sapp. He also hopes that his experiment in the tech space will help to lift the stigmas attached to cannabis and legitimize the plant.


This is just one of many applications of virtual reality technology and given the access or ability to transport ourselves to any given mood at our times of liking is very exciting indeed and most people are going to be curious as to how it works.

Watch the video below



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