Virtual Reality Might Hinder Us to Our Social Life - VR Life

Virtual Reality Could Affect Our Time with Family and Friends


When you use a virtual reality system, it helps take you to a fantasy 3D world where you feel like an active participant. The possibilities are endless.

Zuckerberg said, “Imagine being able to sit in front of a campfire and hang out with friends anytime you want.” That relays the point that there are so many ways virtual reality may impact our lives.

All advances in technology change our world. As we can already see, there are many ways in which the “virtual” world is becoming increasingly prevalent, which means sometimes a blurred line between the “real world” and “virtual world”.

For example, why spend time with your friends or family if you can go to Hawaii by just putting on your VR hardware from the comfort of your home.

VR in Hawaii

People will have the opportunity to hangout with each other in a variety of ways. It will be interesting to see how that affects the way people communicate and live their lives.



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