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Virtual Reality: VR Definition and Examples

Before we can talk or say something about virtual reality, we must know fully what virtual reality is. It’s a common mistake which we the common people commit often. We do not fully grasp the idea of what we are hearing or watching too. So with virtual reality becoming a hot topic, we the people, should understand what it is.

Now, what is virtual reality?


Virtual reality is an artificial environment self-created with software and displayed to the viewer in such a tricky way that the user thinks they are a part of that environment. The user begins to believe in the presented situation as if it’s a real situation. We can primarily experience virtual reality only by our two senses i.e. vision and hearing, on a computer screen.

After we understand what virtual reality actually is, the question arises, what are the different types of virtual reality?

There are various types of VR including:

  • Improved Reality
  • Desktop Virtual Reality
  • Telepresence
  • Immersive Virtual Reality
  • QuickTime VR

From the above all mentioned or not types, the simplest form of virtual reality is a 3D image that can be seen with full interaction on a computer. The interaction happens mainly due to the manipulation of keys or the mouse in order to move the content of the image in some direction or to zoom in and zoom out.


The more complicated efforts involve approaches like wrap-up around display screens, actual rooms augmented with wearable computers and VR devices that let anyone feel the displayed images.

We further have had a question about the division of virtual reality.

Here are a few examples below:

  • Mock-up of real environment for training and educational purposes.
  • Expansion of imagined ideas into an interactive form i.e. gaming or interactive story like movies.

The Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) lets the creator make specific images and rules to be followed while display and interaction utilizes textual language statements.

While there are many forms of VR and many industries which are sure to use VR, the above shows what VR is as well as some of the different forms we can expect to see VR in.


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