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Virtual Reality Desk Takes Another Victim

VR Victim

Last week, Ben Kuchera posted a video talking about the risks hidden in virtual reality: leaning on a fake desk or piece of furniture and falling on your butt. Admittedly, the image of a grown man or woman wearing an expensive virtual reality headset, tethered to a noisily humming computer, falling to the ground and hurting themselves a bit is worth a laugh or two.

A thing to consider however though, is how common this problem can and possibly will become once virtual reality headsets are available to the mass public for more affordable prices.

A gif that has been published on Reddit may answer this query. A young child, struggling to keep the large head gear on, rummages through a virtual desk that can be seen on a computer screen in the background. Then the child leans over the virtual furniture they’re seeing, and crashes to the ground.

Young kid victim

This child is a legend. This kid has learned the hard lesson; that virtual desks cannot hold real weight — so that this gif might serve as a warning to kids of the future and adults as well. Listen to this this warning, or one day this could happen to you. And as a reminder, virtual reality is not meant for young children, so be safe and aware of who is using it.

Watch the video below




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