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Virtual Reality Entertainment


Games and virtual worlds in the entertainment industry have embraced the use of virtual reality although it is becoming popular in:

1) Galleries
2) Theatre, e.g. interactive performances
3) Virtual theme parks
4) Virtual Museums
5) Discovery centers

These fall into the edutainment category i.e. they educate and they entertain at the same time.

Virtual reality environments enable people to engage in the previously forbidden or unknown environments. They get to see the 3D object and at different angels once they wear virtual reality glasses which have stereoscopic lenses. Sometimes they can use a data glove to interact with the exhibits.

For example, members of the public can view a historic building and get to learn about how people lived in the ancient times. This is enabled by the tracking system which is built in the glasses which tracks peoples’ movement and feeds this information into a computer. The images in front of the person are changed by the computer to match their perception and maintain realism.

Virtual reality systems available for audience entertainment include:

1) Augmented reality systems

2) 3D display platforms

3) CAVE systems

4) Simulators

The most popular form of VR entertainment is virtual reality gaming, but that could of course change at some point.


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