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Virtual Reality Experience, 69% of Consumers Are Excited


Virtual reality is taking over the marketing arena all over the world as the brands and marketers are making moves to take its advantage. Among other promises is to make more meaningful and deeper connection with audience better than ever before and, in accordance with a new research from the Advanced Imaging Society, it shows that consumers are more excited about the new technology to be used as the marketing industry.


One of the advantages of virtual reality is that it can take consumers to real or imagined places instantly. In other words, you can imagine being able to transport your audience into a virtual showroom, establish them with a virtual test drive, or alternatively take them on a tour of your manufacturing plant and experience an impeccable enjoyment.

Virtual reality has been experimented by several brands around the world in recent times. In Tommy Hilfiger’s fall 2015 fashion show, it allowed some store visitors to make use of virtual reality to take a front seat in the show. Virtual reality users have been transported to an extreme location such as Everest and Yosemite by the North Face. Marriott teleported users from London to Hawaii to enable users experience and explore the virtual reality system to the fullest.


It is above testimonies and experiences that consumers in the U.S. are excited about, according to research from the Advanced Imaging Society. The survey of 1,000 adults carried out by Advance Imaging Society shows that 69% of people between the ages of 18 and 60 were excited about experiencing virtual reality.

Amazingly, perhaps, interest was greatest among younger consumers (72% of ages between 18-29 year olds said they were looking forward to experiencing virtual reality), however people between the ages of 30-44 year olds said the same (70%) and even interest was high among the older age groups between (45-60) with about (62%).


“These results are remarkable for a new entertainment medium,” said Jim Chabin, President of the Advanced Imaging Society. “Significantly, fully two-thirds of respondents reported that they are ‘more excited’ about VR than they were of either HDTV or 3D in their earliest days in life,” Chabin added. “And across the board, consumers who have already ‘experienced VR’ are even more enthusiastic,” he added.


The ability of the consumers to explore places they can’t travel to and experience entertainments to the fullest were two of the factors that most excited consumers about virtual reality. However, about two-thirds felt that the equipment was currently too expensive, and half thought it’s too big to carry around.


A surveyed of 3,000 adult was carried out by Futuresource Consulting earlier this year in the United States of America and Western Europe in order to know what types of content interests those wishing to watch or experience virtual reality.

RealEstateTech0300 VRUnits

The results, as published in the report shows that ‘Virtual Reality – Niche or Mass Market?’, reveal that 39% were most interested in watching or experiencing virtual reality movies and this followed closely by games (38%). And just over a quarter representing about (27%) expressed interest in virtual reality television and music, while 26% of the consumer said educational content and 26% sports respectively. In the above results, it reveals that virtual reality is taking over gradually and within the next few years it will cut across the globe.

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