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Virtual Reality Film to Tell Anne Frank’s Story


Anne Frank’s story is unarguably one of the most well-known true-life stories of all time, and now a new virtual reality film will enable the public to experience it like it has never been experienced before.


The Production of Anne

Producer Jonah Hirsch and filmmaker Danny Abrahms are creating the new film Anne, which will recreate history, going back to the early 1940s, through virtual reality technology, giving audiences the feel of being in the secret annex with Frank and the others hiding from Nazi persecution. “To experience this film will be to immerse oneself into a place and time, to move about a room, amongst the people, and sense the moment in a way never possible before [virtual reality],” Abrahms, who will write and direct the film, says.

The picture shows an early design of the room in the annex where Anne lived for over two years. The incredibly detailed experience will show the actual diary where she would write down her travails.


The Producer’s Previous Work, First

Anne follows on the heels of the success of Hirsch’s virtual reality Wright Brothers film, First, which documented and recreated Wilbur and Orville Wright’s path to achieving the first successful manned airplane flight at Kitty Hawk.

“VR to me is this new, amazing tool that can allow viewers to connect with people and events like never before,” adds Abrahms. “I wanted to create a VR experience that connected viewers with arguably the most significant event in human history (World War II / The Holocaust) and I couldn’t think of a better way to explore this subject matter than through the story of Anne Frank.”


Anne Frank in Virtual Reality

“Anne Frank’s story has kept the memory of the Holocaust alive and promoted tolerance for generations,” says the writer-director, Danny Abrahms. “We are deeply committed to sharing Anne’s experience using cutting-edge modes of storytelling so that her story can live on and reach as many young people in the world as possible.”

Anne will give viewers the opportunity to “feel like they are there” with historical figures who, along with Frank, have achieved iconic status through many appearances in various stage, film and TV adaptations of her landmark diary over the years.


It will give viewers the ability to “to move about a room … and sense the moment in a way never possible before VR,” according to the filmmakers, who say they will recreate the attic “with photorealistic visual fidelity.”

Potential Criticism

As a result of the sensitive nature of the Anne plot, along with the intensity of the Frank family’s situation, the project will invariably be exposed to criticism and debate over its ethical implications.


But in concept, at the very least, it is not likely to pose a problem with the Anne Frank Foundation itself.

The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam itself introduced a 360-degree VR tour for museum visitors unable to access the attic due to disabilities and mobility problems last year.

The virtual tour which lasts 10 minutes can be taken from the museum’s cafe with the use of a VR headset.

Watch the video below



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