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Virtual Reality Games are Recreating Our World and Everyone Wants a Part of It

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If you are looking to get a glimpse of upcoming virtual reality games, you can see them at big events like the E3 Expo, which showcases of new and innovative games and consoles by some the world’s biggest video and computer game manufacturers.


The expo is the ultimate geek heaven. This is where you can see the very latest developments in gaming technology for web, computers and handheld devices. Some of the big name companies include Sony, Nintendo and Disney Interactive Studios.

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They showcase games featuring virtual reality alongside other technological innovations and you could be one of the very few first people to try out the games if you can afford to attend this show.

Some mobile phone apps being released now and in the future are based on augmented reality, a technology which involves the combination of real and virtual worlds. Or in other words, computer generated data being used to improve certain aspects of the real world.


VR Kinect

Another option in the VR game experience is modification of technological devices to provide the VR experience. Consoles such as Microsoft’s Kinect, can be hacked so that it works with new devices in new and fun ways. An example of this sort of combination is by using it with a virtual reality glass to produce a VR game.


Other people have been able to hack this device such that it can be used with MAC, Linux and PC. Others are using it for new interaction forms like human-robot or art installations.

Many people want to create their own virtual reality without spending much on doing it, which is now the case. The low cost way to do this is by hacking a game console, which doesn’t require the kind of top level knowledge a complete virtual environment needs to be built with. For example CAVE.

To be honest, not a lot of people can spend big on building their own fully immersive VR environment, but hacking a game console is the low budget way of doing so, however, it is not advised.

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