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What is Virtual Reality Gear?

vr gear

Virtual Reality Gear refers to the gear and devices that people use to experience virtual reality.

This includes:

  • Data gloves
  • Data suits
  • Workbenches
  • Virtual reality glasses or goggles
  • Joysticks
  • Head mounted displays (HMD)
vr gear

VR Gear also includes haptic devices that are used to feel the sense of touch, usually by vibration or by movements when a user manipulates an object. The haptic devices enables the user to feel the real immersive effect of virtual environment.

vr gear

Virtual reality goggles are the main device which is used by the user for its display. The user may be a gamer or a person who is wanting to watch a virtual reality environment.

In the past and now, virtual reality gear has been large, heavy and uncomfortable for the user to wear. In addition to that, the price has been high.

vr gear

Gear is beginning to become smaller, less heavy and more affordable though. Head-mounted display (HMD) are beginning to be replaced by less heavy units which fit neatly and nicely over the face.

Head mounted display
As the name suggests, the users’ head is fully mounted by the gear. The 3D image was displayed on the screen of the HMD which was provided by the headphones and speakers for the audio/video facility for the user. Several wires were connected to it. There were some wireless products too, but the main issue with them was of response time.

vr gear

Having large size and heavy weight, also created a slow response time issue. The appropriate reactions or the output of any input was very slow which, in a true sense, spoils the virtual reality experience.

The attractive feature of head mounted displays is and was of tracking device which allows users to move their head and change their view by doing so.


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