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A Virtual Reality Headset Beginners Buying Guide

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This year will bring a variety of virtual reality options after years of promises about them. If you are interested in technology, then here is a quick guide of the basics:

1) Sony Playstation VR (PS VR)

Playstation vr

It will be launched in October.

Pros: It’s fairly cheap with the PS VR selling at $400, and it works with the Sony PlayStation 4.
Cons: You may grow impatient as you wait for its launch in October, delivers a lower quality experience compared to other headsets and also can cause motion sickness.

2) Oculus Rift


Oculus pre-orders are first expected in March and they will be in stores in April.
Pros:  Its biggest fame is quality as it works diligently to deliver a solid immersive experience without making you nauseous.
Cons: It’s expensive selling at $600 on its own, not counting the price of a computer or its forthcoming Touch controllers to run it.

3) Samsung Gear VR


The Gear VR is getting a renewed push from the new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones.

Pros: It runs off a smartphone rather than an expensive computer and it is the lower-entry device at $100.
Cons: Although it provides a really solid immersive video experience, the quality is not what you would get from a higher-end device.

4) HTC Vive


Its first orders are due in April.

Pros:  It has the ability to read the position of your hands and body and you can get phone calls and text messages while you’re on the bubble.
Cons: It is expensive because it requires a computer to run it. You will also have to make extra space for its room sensors to fully enjoy the walking around, that the Vive allows.

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