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Virtual Reality Headsets and Hairdos

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When you start to consider all the ways, some of them mundane, that you can utilize a new piece of technology then you can actually say that technology has arrived. The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive along with all the popular virtual reality headsets are now real consumer products and it only makes sense that people start to worry about how they will use the technology and at the same time worry about simple things like what will it do to their hair.


Virtual reality headsets are designed to rest on your head almost the same way a hat would and quite often headset like the Oculus Rift has been compared to a baseball cap. However, the cap is actually a collection of straps and if you’re some Becky with the good hair that can lie flat against your head this won’t present too much of a problem as everything will remain fairly uniform. But for the rest of us that our hair textures react almost like a foam mattress, each fresh indentation will definitely scatter whatever symmetry might have existed there before.


No problem when you’re at Home.


In the privacy of your own home, this won’t be too much of an issue and you could easily brush your hair back to a semblance of its original state after you take off the headset. But the problem arises when you’re using the VR headset in a public place. With the current high cost of VR headsets, a lot of people will have their first experience in a public demo space and these spaces will be full of other hopefully empathetic people who will have a full view of your new and deformed VR hair do. The strapless Google Cardboard turns out to be the best solution to this problem of post-VR appearance above all else.


In terms of solving this hair problem, there might not be any and in fact, it isn’t really a major problem worthy of the resources that might be required to solve it. Perhaps Oculus will start packing in combs in the gear for a quick hair straightening or something. Asides from headsets ruining your hair do, there are a lot of other physical marks they tend to leave behind like the telltale creases in your face. It’s funny how all of the effort put into standardizing a particular tech and it still ends up affecting people in different ways. Everybody has a peculiar body type and make up and these devices affect us all in different ways. For example, the hardware tends to fit poorly on women or on people who wear glasses. This is just something to mull over for companies who want to sell pricey gadgets to as many people as possible.


A lot of the allure of virtual reality is on the escapism and it’s so fitting that after all the false starts due to reasons ranging from underpowered tech and a bunch of others, the last issue it has to overcome will be one of social self-consciousness.

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