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One of the crazy things about science fiction otherwise known as “sci-fi” is that many times it becomes reality. In 1966, Harry Kleiner, a writer, wrote a futuristic film fantasy named Fantastic Voyage. The film featured a submarine crew that’s shrunk to a tiny size as they go into an injured scientist’s body to help fix his damaged brain. 

This film is now pretty much becoming a reality.

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Dr. Neil Martin is the chair of Neurosurgery at UCLA and he’s been working with his team utilizing a technology created by Surgical Theater which enables surgeons to put on VR headsets and go inside their patients’ brains.

The VR experience enables the surgeons to see a malignant tumor in the patient’s brain and see the tumor from every angle, identify any complications and get mentally ready for the high risk procedure they will do later in real life.


Dr. Shafi Ahmed already used virtual reality recently in the UK to show surgeons a real live operation.

 As for simulating surgeries, virtual reality is a great tool. It may not sound conventional, but a doctor could literally look into someone’s brain before and even during a surgical operation.

Surgical Theater utilizes flight simulator technology that was created by Moty Avisar and Alon Geri who used to be Israeli Air Force officers. Virtual reality enables neurosurgeons to be in control as they can “fly” through the entire scope of the operation and practice before the real deal.


Dr. Neil Martin, said, “Complex neurosurgery requires a deep understanding of intricate anatomy. The Surgical Theater technology gives you an amazing ability to immerse yourself in the anatomical structures and mentally rehearse the entire operation ahead.”

Moty Avisar said, “Surgical Theater’s Virtual Reality based surgery guidance tools are already revolutionizing the way that neurosurgeons use medical imaging for surgery.

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