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Virtual Reality History

Hololens in the past

We get to look at how virtual reality has evolved and how key pioneers have paved the way for what we have today.

Panoramic paintings: these were the earliest attempts at virtual reality from the nineteenth century and they were intended to fill the viewers with a huge vision field to help them explore historical events.

See some of the historical VR moments noted below.

1838: Stereoscopic photos and viewers by Charles Wheatstone
1849: The lenticular stereoscope (David Brewster)
1939: The view-Master (William Gruber)
1929: Link Trainer The First Flight Simulator by Edward Link
1930: Science fiction predicted VR by Stanley G
1950: Morton Heilig Sensorama
1960: The first VR Head Mounted Display by Heilig Morton
1961: Headsight- First motion tracking HMD by Bryan and Comeau
1965: The Ultimate display by Ivan Sutherland
1968: Sword of Damocles by Ivan and Bob
1969: Artificial Reality by Kruegere
1978: Aspen Movie Map by Andy
1987: Virtual reality the name was founded by Lainer Jaron
1987: Holodock made its debut in Star Trek
1991:Virtual Group Arcade Machines
1992: The Lawnmower Man movie
1993: SEGA announces new VR glasses, although they had technical problems
1995: Nintendo Virtual Boy
1999: The Matrix


21st Century

There has been a rapid advancement of technology in virtual reality. Companies are releasing products with high density display and 3D graphics. The year 2016 will be a year where devices that were promised in the 1990s will be released to the consumer.

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