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Virtual Reality Has a Huge Future With eSports

virtual reality and esports


We all knew that VR and eSports were on the rise together. Now there is a new operating system that is known as the SteamVR that has been developed to work with HTC Vive. The new product is going to be released on April 5, and this means that there will be a new category of sports known as eSports. The Valve technology also will offer that there will be new sports that will be instantly available. The two that are the most popular now are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and Dota 2.

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Chet Faliszek, a VR evangelist at Valve, said, “While we have The International and events where people are watching people play games, it is fun to watch someone play a VR game because they’re physically moving around in this space and making these motions that people can understand what’s happening. It lets a broader group of people watch. It’s great spectator sport.”

Currently, there are over 50 games that are available with Vive VR and there are many more that are in development for the Vive. There are not any that have been created yet in the eSports area but this is about to change. There are many more that are being built from the ground up and this accounts for the rise of the sports. There is going to be a huge rise in the industry as well in the number of people who like the games as it is expected to go from 256 million eSports fans to over 345 million by 2019. That’s according to research firm, Newzoo. People will spend more time in alternate reality states.


When people spend a lot of time in another reality it is very easy to lose track of the time. Many of the gamers out there will spend anywhere from 8 to 12 hours practicing per day. There are many people who get angry as well at virtual athletes because they call themselves athletes, but this is very important because of the skill required. Joost van Dreunen, CEO of SuperData Research, believes the potential for competitive gaming in virtual reality is massive due to the combination of the two which brings on their best traits.

ESports are a great new way in which there is a way for game play to go to new heights and it is possible to add huge amounts of drama to the games. That means that there will be a sport in which there is more of a spectacle for people in the future.


There are many new games to be launched every day and will continue to rise in this area of the economy as there are other developers as well who will continue to create new games and new realities that will keep gamers in the experience of wanting to make sure that they are able to be a part of other realities and that they are able to have access to the best options for the future. It is not that hard to believe that very soon we will be seeing the rise of virtual sports entering into the professional arenas and beginning to take on the characteristics of many professional sports. It is another spectator thing that we will all be able to look in on with pride and see the wave of the future coming to pass. It is easy to see why there are more and more fans.

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