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Virtual Reality Imminence Takes Center Stage at Collision

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Collision is a peculiar and intriguing conference that brings a few areas of technology, media and business together. It is sort of like a hybrid of ES and SXSW. The aim of this conference is to put developers, media men, and investors all in one place where they will actually collide in a sense of the word and rub off ideas and resources on each other.


Virtual reality was a major showpiece of the tech/media/marketing conference earlier this week with all of its amazing potentials on display. Perhaps one of its most breathtaking media applications is in the virtual solitary confinement program by The Guardian. This program is tagged 6×9 and its editor Michael Depp points out the strong signals that indicate virtual reality is coming to its own and achieving full mass adoption in the near future.


The solitary confinement virtual reality by The Guardian is an experience that is as captivating as it is gruesome. It brings you into the world of inmates who are isolated from everybody and placed in little 6×9 cells for an extended period of time. A mixture of the claustrophobia inducing confines of the cell and the voices of those who have spent time there presents the kind of visceral participation that cannot be relayed with words or even pictures.


Virtual reality and augmented reality are in pole position to revolutionize our media and with all of its recent achievements and applications it is increasingly becoming easier to believe that promise. It won’t be too far off to say nothing else in the media technology enterprise compares to this potential immersive technology.

Media Houses Embark On the VR Journey

A lot of media houses are already looking to jump on this bandwagon and they don’t need much convincing to do so. A few companies like AOL, Singolda and Marriott International are already making their moves into this boundless land of opportunities that virtual reality technology introduces to us.


Tech blogger turned entrepreneur at UploadVR, Robert Scoble said it’s only a matter of time before “we’re going to move some of our minutes from our mobile phones to our VR headsets.” With the usual curve that technology always follows, it only be a matter of time before the technology becomes more affordable and easily accessible to all and we can all have more powerful full body immersive and interactive experiences of virtual reality.


Everything we are seeing now from Guardian 6×9 project to The New York Times VR projects of the immersive tour of the Alaskan frontier are only the beginning and there is still more to come… serious minded media houses cannot ignore this technology and although it will start with baby steps, there is a real sense of urgency to this now and almost all media houses are trying to figure out how best to allocate resources adequately across all platforms. And any strategy that fails to recognize the virtual reality platform is already doomed to failure.

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