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Virtual Reality Jobs Jumped 800% in 2016



Virtual Reality sector is growing rapidly these days. It has brought world of virtual gaming and media into the market, and because of growing interest of people in VR, this sector will see rapid development in near future. Many major players of tech industry are showing their interest in VR. A famous personality, Mark Zuckerberg; invested $2 billion on this technology in 2014. That investment has made clear that this technology will see a great change in future.

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It makes sense to search for coders and developers who can help companies to complete Virtual Reality projects. It is still early, but as per reports, VR trend in job market is on the rise.

A San Francisco based job-platform, Smart Recruiters; has reported an increase in VR jobs. The Firm has processed overall 1.5 million jobs in 2015, and has handled recruiting for over 700 customers such as Ubisoft, Marc Jacobs and Equinox Fitness. As per Smart Recruiters, more VR jobs have popped-up in first quarter of 2016 than all 2015. Half of these jobs are from American companies, which is followed by France.

Increasing jobs in Virtual Reality sector

CEO of Smart Recruiters, Jerome Ternynck; explained it to Forbes during an interview. “We’re seeing those VR jobs going from just pure gaming companies into consumer electronics, into software applications, into the wider economy.” says Ternynck. He thinks that virtual reality has become a new form of user interface and user experience. Gradually, people are going to find ways to use this technology for business applications.




Companies which are looking to build their VR applications are searching for skills in all departments of tech industry; such as Software developers, Backend Developers, Visual artists and User experience. According to Smart recruiters, the hottest job in VR sector is “Computer Vision Manager.”

On staffing platform of Smart Recruiters, which connects to a number of job boards, they found out that nearly 47% of the VR job candidates were discovered via LinkedIn, and 17 percent from, which is an online job site based in Austin, Texas; it attracts more than 180 million visitors from 60 countries every month.

Virtual Reality Job Statistics

Statistics are still low, but there is a rise in number since the last few years. saw only 2 VR jobs per 1 million jobs in 2014; this ratio has increased to 18 jobs per 1 million currently- It is 800% rise in VR jobs. Among job seekers, only one person per one million people was searching for VR jobs, but now 19 people per one million people search VR jobs – which is 1,800% increment. “It’s still relatively small, in the scheme of things,” Vice President of “But everything that gets big starts with small numbers and a high rate of growth.”


Google, Samsung, Facebook, IBM, Intel and Apple are among companies posting most VR related jobs. When you look closely at these jobs, most of them are technical. Companies are searching for software engineers and related people. There aren’t sales and marketing related positions, as per

These statistics don’t clearly state Virtual Reality industry. Many companies are developing new technology and they don’t advertise commercially. There may be a large number of people working on Virtual Reality, and it will surely be seen in the near future.

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