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Virtual Reality Madness; Experiences with the Samsung Gear VR

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The gaming society has gone mad with the release of a number of consumer virtual reality headsets such as Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift, and the upcoming PlayStation VR. The Samsung Gear VR retails at the cost of $100 wouldn’t break the bank. Here are some thoughts about the Samsung Gear VR below.

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Setup and Installation


Setting up the Samsung couldn’t be easier than this. Once you unpack it, all the effort that you do is to pop your mobile phone into the headset. Then, you’re alerted with the first set of useful instructions.You’re able to organize the headset as you wear it after installing the required software. Running through the whole setup process and the tutorial is easy and hassle free. With no wires to plug in the computer or no hardware to upgrade, anyone can set this easily.

Design and Comfort

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When you put this on your head, you may be really surprised because it’s pretty comfortable. The cushioning and design of the eyepieces make it fit easily like a glove. It’s also light. Even with the straps attached to Gear VR, it feels like you’re wearing a hat.

The thing which impressed a lot of people seems to be the design of the eye holster. Even when you’re sitting outside in the sun, the sun won’t go through the lenses. And That’s all because of the fabric design of the Gear VR.

One of the issues people tend to have with the look of the VR headsets, is that they look funny while wearing it. If you are not surrounded by the other gaming fans, then normal people may stare and point at you. This experience makes it difficult to use in the public, especially when strangers are around you. Introverts beware.

Look and Feel

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Exploring the interface of the Gear VR in itself is an immersive adventure. Navigate around quickly using your headset becomes a smooth process. You can navigate the menus with accuracy and speed. The biggest question that people often ask me is “Does it make you feel sick?” The answer is a solid “No” for downloading games and navigating the menus. While playing games in Gear VR however, may get you dizzy.

Content Library


The selection of games for the Gear VR seems to be the biggest disappointment among Samsung Gear VR users and really most VR users in general. While the games such as Dreadhalls enable you to only pick up items, walk around and check your inventory, the majority are the sit and experience while many gamers, in particular, want to feel involved in the games and interact with the surroundings in the games as they cause things to occur. But, the opportunities in the Gear VR are either gimmicky or few and far between as of now.

There are not more immersive games due to the limitations of the content that’s been created, so it makes sense. The lack of the head tracking feature makes people prone to motion sickness in virtual reality. Games that don’t support the movement feature have been said by some to not create motion sickness.

The Verdict


The Samsung Gear VR is absolutely worth it for this price but as long as you have a compatible phone. It is a great virtual reality headset, that really gives an amazing virtual reality experience. But, there are a lot of things that need to flesh out. The potential of virtual reality as a genre can easily be understood after experiencing virtual reality with the Samsung Gear VR.

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