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Virtual Reality Makes it Into the Operating Room

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A medical doctor based in London carries out the first ever known live stream of a complete surgical operation in virtual reality.

All that is required to get this experience by any curious amateur or a medical student is a smartphone and a $20 Google Cardboard.

Tesla is gradually invading the big global auto industry. All it requires now is to find an avenue to accomplish a production objective…

Facebook will very soon permit ads in its mobile application Messenger. It is obvious the social media giant will like to control the post application era and now we have an idea of their intentions…

A Russian industrialist will like to launch small spacecrafts to Alpha Centauri, the nearest star to the earth’s solar system.

The small-sized explorers will go with sensor, their independent power generation and start a lot of them…

A researching firm, Gartner has announced about 64.8 million personal computers were sent in the 1st quarter. This is the lowest amount of sales made since year 2007.

The first categories were tablets and now personal computers.

Smartphones are found in all places…

Google calendar can now systematically include one’s “goals” in the calendar.

Just inform it that you want to do more work out and before you know it, you are booked for the gym.

The best of it is that it permits omitting and rescheduling of goals. There is no more to see…

Canada’s federal police, which are also called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, have a master key to every Blackberry produced for years, even though it is believed that Blackberry has a high level of security. Anyway, it’s all right, no one is using Blackberry anymore…

Human beings are better than computer programs at controlling laser beams in eggbox-like formations.


This is the outcome of a research based on a new mobile phone game. Just as if there was a career with that explanation…

Researchers have come up with a serious security problem with Apple’s Quicktime for Windows software. One would have expected them to solve the problem but instead they stopped support for media players bundled with iTunes. Anyway, that may be one of the ways of solving the problem…

Bluetooth beacons and the Internet of Things are now prepared for prime time with Eddystone, an open-source technology from Alphabet.

The secure and light technology can transfer a transit timetable closer to a bus stop or permit a user to send money to a close by vending machine. This is believed to be a close competitor to Apple’s iBeacon technology; it is a nice facilitator of Internet of things…

Robotics: There was an increase in the sales of robots used in manufacturing cars and other industrial things. This increased by 8 percent in 2015 and by 16 percent in China.

In Europe, sales increased by 9 percent and by 11 percent in North America, so, the global meltdown may not really be acceptable.

Mobile hardware: Meizu, a Chinese device manufacturer announced a new smartphone with a 10-core processor and a design that resembles the reported iPhone 7.

The smartphone has a 5.2-inch super AMOLED display.

According to Meizu, the device has less than 48 percent plastic in its design and on the inside; it has a similar technology with Apple’s 3D Touch with its own 3D Press.

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