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The picture that has emerged with the announcement of Sony’s PlayStation System is a fascinating one which offers a lot of designs, product focus and pricing. This brings about a test for a number of applications for VR.

In regards to pricing, we have a significant range, which reflects just the incremental investment of the headset, not the whole device. But since many gamers will have already owned the underlying computing and gaming hardware, then this is the best starting point.

The Gear VR has both the product with the broadest addressable market and cheapest solution due to the sales of the Galaxy S6 line alone. However, it has limited content so far available for its platform. Sony comes to target hardcore gamers as it has a significant amount base of users who trust the company. The launch announcement came with a long list of games which will be available.”

Oculus has a long list of games, but the cost of the headset and total package necessary for it to function well is higher. Although it’s targeting those who have already made an investment in high-end gaming PCs, Oculus will have a challenge attracting gamers who have little or no experience in its brand. Sony, on the other hand will be able to leverage both its brand and that of installed devices for marketing purposes. Gear VR may struggle to find enough worthy content. Oculus is the only company which may provide an interesting competitive edge as it offers two possible solutions with the Oculus Rift and the Gear VR.

Even though several of these systems are all incompatible with each other, the interesting aspect is that they might gain sufficient traction to coexist making it more interesting than who wins.



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