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Virtual Reality Reinvents Killer Deal for the Tribeca Film Festival

killer deal


Virtual reality horror flicks are quite intriguing and when the guys who directed titles like the Sharknado trilogy want to make a virtual reality version you don’t cut corners on the fake blood. While some of the blood in most of these horror titles are CGI, a whole lot is also just old-fashioned liquid stage blood.

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“We had drums and drums of it, and we wanted to use it all. We weren’t leaving that room until it was completely trashed,” executive producer Irad Eyal tells The Creators Project. “At the end, we set up a waterproof VR camera and filmed the cleaning process. All our PA’s, who worked really hard, came in with, like, Breaking Bad Tyvek suits and mops and hoses and buckets and it still infiltrated every orifice.”

Killer Deal

The Creators Project

Killer Deal is one of the popular titles of the 80s and it is definitely a bloody flick. The director puts viewers in the splash area where they get sprayed by vital fluid. Even with the gore and splatter of these fluids on the lens, the goal of the movie was to make people laugh and gross them out at the same time. The movie follows a machete salesman played by Ian Ziering who resides in a creepy motel during a machete convention. He is on a different mission as he seeks to put his wares into actual use on unsuspecting victims. “Anthony’s philosophy is, the more seriously you take something, the funnier it is. We went full-force in that direction,” Eyal says. Over the top in every aspect, Killer Deal manages to conquer comedy and horror, genres largely untouched by VR, but extra horrifying when they are. “


Killer Deal Gets a VR Revamp

Ferrante and his crew pulled out horror film tropes and found a way to improve them with virtual reality. Killer Deal puts the viewers in the room right where the action is and even though they aren’t actually hacking away at a monster with a machete, they feel the full vulnerability that VR provides. “When you’re shooting in a 360° space, the psycho killer could be anywhere in the room. Every time the lights turn on, you’re looking around to find out where the killer is at the same time that our hero is doing the same thing,” Eyal says.

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Though the Killer Deal movie is creepy in its own right, it’s also goofy and silly. “It’s work sometimes to put on a headset and watch something that’s earnest and serious. We were like, ‘Where’s the fun stuff?’” Eyal says. “We wanted to be an antidote to that, and we went in saying we were going to make something 100% not serious and just fun.” Killer Deal is set to premier at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival Virtual Arcade. We may not have to wait longer for more of these comedy/horror flicks as plans are already in place to further these adventures to add to the virtual reality catalogue.

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