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Virtual Reality Boosts Image of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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Samsung is one of the tech giants in the industry of electronics and mobile smartphones and they have always done what they had to do to remain relevant in the market with fierce competition from other popular brand names. Their continuous innovations and adaptions to trending technology remains at the core of their values and this has made them stand out over the years. Their latest foray into technological advancements is the incorporation of virtual reality technology.

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Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the latest product launched for consumers and as you would have already guessed, it comes with plenty of mouthwatering specs. The market acceptance is very encouraging and even with its relatively steep price, it’s still very much in demand.

From the first quarter earnings report of Samsung in 2016, it is evident that the galaxy S7 series has helped the company get back some of its lost momentum in the market after a series of depressing financial results. With the potential of the device obvious to all and the subsequent high demands, Samsung has promoted it with their super ads that focus on the key features of the flagship product. They’ve done really well to advertise what the phone has an offer to the public in ways that anybody who can afford it will desire the product in no time.

Samsung galaxy S7 edge

Galaxy Meets Virtual Reality

To add to the already amazing features, Samsung has now added a new commercial on YouTube show casing the power of the device with the new virtual reality technology. The ad shows the smartphone paired with the Gear VR headset and the theme of it all was that even though many people dream about the things they desire, those dreams may never become reality and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge can help demonstrate the virtual reality.


This new angle and feature will help Samsung leapfrog some of its competitors and bring more value to the consumers who have spent a lot of dollars on purchasing the product.

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Samsung has focused on making the virtual reality functionality the unique selling pint of the Galaxy S7 and with the partnership in place between the South Korean tech giant and Oculus VR, there will be enough content, virtual reality games, videos and other formats available for download from the Gear VR’s content library.

On another note, rumors indicate that Samsung is currently working on a standalone virtual reality headset that will not require the smartphone tether to work. The headset will come integrated with its own processing unit and display and it will also have features such as positional tracking which is already part of the other high end counterparts like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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For the icing on the cake, the tech giant is looking to include hand and gesture tracking in future Samsung VR headsets. It still remains unclear when Samsung will announce the release of the standalone headset.

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