Virtual Reality as the New Storytelling Tool for Marketers

VR Emerges as Ultimate Storytelling Tool for Marketers

Storytelling Tool for Marketers

Dominic Collins knows a thing or two about the power of virtual reality, so it was definitely a good news when he was introduced as the speaker at the 2016 event of Future of Digital Marketing, where he gave a vision into why there is a need for the marketing department to care about virtual reality and how it could be the perfect storytelling tool for marketers.

As the senior consultant at Jaunt, which is a virtual reality production company that is situated in California, Collins leads the marketing strategy of business, cooperating with the agencies and brands to deliver the immersive and revolutionary cinematic experiences.

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Virtual Reality

Rather than the likes of Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard lately providing an extra reachable avenue into the world of virtual reality, it is somehow an enigmatic and even off-putting idea for few.

But Dominic says that the challenge the world of virtual reality is facing is not the fact that no one gives enough attention to the concept itself but the fact that not much are aware that the technology even exists. He said, “VR can become more accessible for the everyday consumer, they just need to find out about it, that’s all. Most people have a smartphone that can already power amazing stereoscopic VR content, and the content itself is growing in quality all the time.”

As for the accessibility, Dominic considers that the valued content is the key to the success of virtual reality in future.

And according to Dominic, there is lesser possibility for virtual reality to go down—the same dreadful fate 3-D television went. People in the field just have to do something to give emphasis more on what is being created as their is much emphasis on the platform itself.

But the question here is, Does this type of content offer any real value to those that are outside the movie and gaming industries?



How VR Can Be Used as Storytelling Tool for Marketers

The Jaunt’s project for The North Face proved that there is a big potential for the e-commerce and travel companies in this technology—virtual reality can be used as a storytelling tool for marketers. They can utilize it for original content marketing campaigns. In its cooperation with the outdoor clothing company, Jaunt went to the fabulous scenery of Yosemite National Park and Nepal, offering consumers their own professional’s climb virtual experiences.

The North Face

During the 360-degree, multi-sensory journey, the brand itself and its products were brought to life in an exciting and realistic way.

With the well-known and larger brands, there have also some virtual reality companies that you not certainly imagine.

One of the best examples of the experimental marketing is from Boursin, the soft cheese giant.

Rather than setting up a bog standard testing experience, it used a virtual reality component to stimulate the flying experience inside a fridge.

Doubts toward the use of virtual reality as a storytelling tool for marketers are unavoidable. It’s understandable for some to think that all of this is just a gimmick to hype up this technology. However, big brands have provided convincing narratives that this might be the next big thing in the advertising world.

Jaunt, for their side, says this means guaranteed success. They say, “Telling stories is something that has always been at the heart of human existence, and we’re helping define and build an entirely new way of doing it. It’s awesome!”

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