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Virtual Reality Technology Poised To Launch Us Into a New Era

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Virtual reality is the future of the technology and the entertainment industry. For a number of years now, the chorus of Google Cardboard has become increasingly loud to the extent that the New York Times only recently distributed free packs of the product in its Sunday edition. A blue chip newspaper is betting big on the next big trend and they’re banking on the success of the product in the long term, say five to ten years from now hopefully driven by a much younger reader.


These younger audience will bridge the engagement bridge with the older legacy readers and stay within the Times family spread across an array of diverse platforms. The content available on virtual reality is fantastic, sometimes even mind blowing.

Virtual Reality and the Effects on Human Feelings

With everybody having access to download an app and with the aid of a headset for virtual reality, everybody can take advantage of this platform. People can enjoy themselves and marvel over how easy it seems to visit places around the world and walk through famous historical sites all the while sitting in the comfort of your living room.

Virtual Reality Human Interaction Laboratory

Virtual reality has been around for a long time in various forms but this is the first time in history when it has felt real enough to make people react in such emotional ways as though they were actually in the scenario before them. It re-enacts a memory for some old people real enough to make them awe at the long lost memories brought back to life for them. The connection that these headsets give to people of different ages and social groups is can be quite fascinating.



Tech heads are taking the lead with this technology and progressively making strides with very interesting apps and content. With a few dollars and the Google Cardboard headset paired with your smartphone you get to enjoy a truly immersive experience of virtual reality. Besides Android, Facebook is also shelling out 360° videos and pictures for its VR viewers.


Technologies Breaking the Barriers

Over the years, there have been a few truly grand social changes that have changed the way we interact with each other. Facebook and Instagram are two big names here. Also companies like Uber and Tesla are on a path to rip the last century of North American cultural fabric in half within ten years. Cardboard and its counterparts, Oculus and Vive are at the forefront of the next technological advancement in human history as they begin to change the landscape of how we communicate with each other.


Since we all saw Tron in the 80s, this is the kind of technology we have all been anticipating that will launch us into a path to making what we see on TV a possibility. The backing for this technology is not yet where it ought to be but the applications of this immersive virtual technology are immense and they will stand as the foundation to the shifts in our cultural heritage and it is poised to happen faster than you can imagine.

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