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Developing Tourism in Albuquerque Using Virtual Reality

Tourism in Albuquerque

Virtual reality (VR) is the next big thing in technology, and that technology is set to invade New Mexico as means are being developed to boost tourism in Albuquerque.

It is estimated that in 2016, virtual reality products should drive $3.8 million. Big names in the travelling industry like Marriott are trying all possible means to ensure they have their hand on a piece of the virtual reality revenue cake. They are investing a lot in the new technology.

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Boosting Tourism in Albuquerque with the Help of Virtual Reality

A lot of people might think that the use of virtual reality is restricted only to big cities like New York, San Francisco, and Washington, but turns out, the technology is already spreading to New Mexico thanks to one of the major drivers in the tourism and travel industry.

The former Albuquerque Visitors and Convention Bureau (AVCB) announced that they would start doing business under a new name—Visit Albuquerque. Apart from a new name, leadership and marketing style have also changed. The bureau’s president and CEO, Tania Armenta, said that the new name would add popularity to the firm and in turn boost tourism in Albuquerque.



The firm, which is said to be currently working under a city contract that demands them to set up meetings and bring more tourists to the city of Albuquerque, shared that they are not the only one using a moniker that has a “Visit” in it as eighty similar entities around the United States started working under the moniker “Visit (insert city name)” as the name is proven to be more enticing.

Speaking of the change, Armenta said, “The new name is symbolic of not only a new chapter, but it’s also in keeping with a national trend. . . . We’re excited because the new name is action-oriented; it’s easier to understand.”

At its 35th annual general meeting, it also announced a Visit Albuquerque Viewfinder. The viewfinder project is the agency’s way to reach more people and showcase Albuquerque’s people, culture, and places through the use of innovative 360-degree immersive footage. They are planning to set up the project in places where they would be able to draw a lot of spectators, including shopping malls, schools, airports, and plazas in well-targeted cities like Chicago, Phoenix, San Diego, and Dallas. The viewfinder project would also travel to trade shows, sales conferences, and other events.


Armenta said Albuquerque would be the first in the country to have a viewfinder project. Owlized, a San Francisco–based company, is teaming up with the firm to help more people have a deeper understanding of a certain place’s history and future with the use of outdoor virtual reality.

Along with the announcements came a showing a part of the contents for the Owlized viewfinder. Spokeswoman for Visit Albuquerque, Brenna Moore, also shared that the organization is also planning to make some changes in their logo in the near future.

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