Virtual Reality in the Military- Training Soldiers of the Future

Virtual Reality in the Military- Training Soldiers of the Future

Soldiers with vr

Virtual reality is now being used by the military – and this comprises of all three services (army , navy and air force ) – where it is being put to use for training purposes . It has proven to be tremendously efficient in training soldiers for battle situations or other risky conditions where it is required of them to act in a certain manner.

They can be able to do so without being exposed to the risk of death or injury, by using the virtual reality simulation. A particular scenario can be re-enacted, for instance, confrontation with an enemy in an environment where they face such but without any of the risks associated with real life. Unlike traditional methods, this has proven to be harmless and inexpensive.

Some of the military uses of virtual reality include:

Battlefield simulation

battlefield simulation

Vehicle simulation

vehicle simulation

Flight simulation

flight simulation

Battlefield Medic training


Virtual boot camp

virtual boot camp

Post-traumatic stress disorder, which is a common phenomenon among soldiers who have faced some life-altering experience or psychological trauma in battle, can be treated with virtual reality. They can learn to deal with their symptoms in the ‘safe environment’ it offers. The effect it produces is that their symptoms reduce and they can better cope with fresh or unusual circumstances.

Trainings with virtual reality technology are conducted using head mounted displays that possess an inbuilt tracking system and data that allows interaction with the virtual environment.

 Another good use of virtual reality is combat visualization. Here, a soldier wears a virtual reality glass which creates a 3D illusion depth. Large numbers of personnel can then share and analyze the result.

The military is stressing that virtual reality is not going to replace real life training but to further aid soldiers in the process.

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