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Virtual Reality Used for Healing Patients

vr heals patients


The next time you are in the restroom searching for medication, think about the fact that you could be playing a video game. Research points to the fact that you can manipulate with virtual reality the way that we feel and experience pain.


These approaches to pain are coming from the changes in technology that are leading us to many other areas. Now there is a study that has come out that explains the way that this works and what it could mean for the future.

There Are Multiple Locations Pain Comes From

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Since there have been so many advances in graphics, more expensive technologies are becoming more affordable which puts them in the price range of more consumers. Virtual reality systems are being used and developed for people who are having painful procedures such as the changing of bandages and other issues.

What this means is that with a VR world, you are able to be distracted from the physical pain that is happening around you. There are only a few tests that have looked at this so far, but there is mounting evidence that this procedure is working.


The VR experience is lowering the amount of pain that is experienced because of the visual images. There is a new study that was just completed by the Royal Society of Open Science. The study has shown us that there is a huge change in the body when you look at and when you study the body and its pain sensors.

The way that this study was conducted was with 27 participants who were willing to put their hands in very cold water to the point that it was no longer possible to tolerate the pain. There were simulations that were also happening that were in a virtual reality game as well. What that meant was that when a person was playing the game with noise cancelling headphones, they were able to take colder temperatures.


The take away was the fact that there were very high levels of pain tolerance when there were visual and auditory images together. But when there was music playing or only images there was an increase in the tolerance of the individuals.

Sound in some way has the ability to increase pain by not distracting enough from the pain in the game. What that meant that there was better pain relief when it was possible that there were only images. What this means is that it is important to look at the ways that the experiences can be altered to ensure that the patient is able to have less pain.


What Happens When You Go From a Lab to a Clinic?

When you are able to move the results into a clinic it is more than playing games. You would be able to do things like reduce the pain from children. You also would see that parts of the worst results that cause pain are the anticipation.


When you are looking at the ways that all of the pain stacks up together, it is possible to see that the pain procedures are worse in some situations and they decrease in others. Is this due to experience with the pain or what is the source of the change? The effects of pain and virtual reality require more study but these studies offer an incredible first look.

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