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Virtual Reality Used in Healthcare

VR in a Hospital

Virtual reality has been adapted largely in the healthcare sector as VR incorporates robotic surgery and skills training, phobia treatment and surgery simulation among other possibilities. It allows health care professionals to upgrade themselves by learning new skills without causing harm to the patient.

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Augmented Reality Trends

The HumanSim system is an example of medical software and it allows medics to engage in training scenarios by interacting with a patient while in a 3D environment.

Virtual reality can also be used as a diagnostic tool such as the MRI so as to enable doctors to reach a diagnosis and even reduce the need for invasive surgeries or procedures.

In robotic surgery, surgery is performed by robots controlled by human beings and this reduces the risk of complications and also time spent on surgery. Virtual reality has enabled telesurgery where surgery is done while the surgeon and patient are in different locations. However, there is the problem of delay which may make the surgeon feel abnormal or even interrupt the procedure so much need to be done to prevent this.

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Augmented reality is also used in healthcare, whereby computer generated images are projected onto the body being treated. It enhances the quality of the real image when they are superimposed on computer generated images.

The healthcare industry is one of many industries starting to try out VR and it looks as though VR is definitely going to keep growing in the healthcare industry.


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