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Virtual Reality Video Games Are Starting To Run Office Work Into The Ground

job simulator game

When writers dreamed about virtual reality Video Games are starting to run office simulator twenty years ago, they imagined wearing headset and being taken to faraway lands and fantasy worlds. This technology could take you to any place, they figured, so of course we’d use it to go to the most beautiful travel locations on the planet.

However there’s another place that this technology can take you; a cubicle. This is a feature of the game Job Simulator, which is a simulation of the daily life on the job of an office worker. It operates with simple commands, such as hitting a single button to make a pot of coffee. The reasoning behind the game is that most jobs like this will be out of date by 2050.

Job simulator

Oddly enough, the joke plays even better in the new age of VR. Putting on the head gear for Job Simulator, you find yourself in an environment at your current height, and it’s almost unnerving how real it seems.

Pushing buttons is still harder than it should be because of the time delay between the real world and the virtual one, but that fits right in with the ridiculous simplicity of the workplace around you.

The result is stressful and more than a bit impersonal — just like a real job! Even when asked to fire a VR employee, you tend to feel a bit guilty about it as the game progresses. Maybe if virtual reality sticks this way, we’ll be firing real people.

Watch the video below



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